Thursday, February 11, 2010

HBR, 3 Ways to Help Your Team Build Resilience

A brief stroll through world history will show you that humans are very good at enduring hardship. However, the magnitude of the current economic crisis has us all questioning our ability to survive. Use these three tips to help your team remain resilient: Give much-needed perspective. If you and those on your team weren't born before 1945, you simply have nothing to use as comparison. Remind your team that most companies survive financial crises and many more businesses will be born from the recovery. Refocus on what you've got. While layoffs continue and unemployment rises, the reality is that most people still have jobs. If you are one of them, bring your team together to focus on making your company the best it can be. Develop the resolve to ensure it survives the downturn. Tell stories. We all know a story or two about someone who survived adverse events. Encourage your team to share stories both as a means of coping and learning.
Today's Management Tip was adapted from "Help Your Team Build Resilience" by John Baldoni.

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