Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Harvard Management Tips

Most organizations limit or frown upon the use of social media in the workplace. Understandably, leaders have nightmarish visions of their employees wasting hours on Facebook and Twitter. But reasonable employee use of social media has actually been shown to benefit companies. Here are three reasons to let your employees get connected:
More attractive workplace. Many people, especially younger generations, see social media as a staple of work life and seek out employers who understand and acknowledge the critical role these new technologies play in our world.
Improved productivity. Research has shown that employees who take breaks to surf the internet for fun are ultimately more productive than their surf-adverse colleagues.
More engaged workforce. Employees not only appreciate companies that allow them to check Facebook at work, but they also use social media to connect with colleagues, improve communication, and speed up decision making processes -- all of which helps them engage with their work and the organization.

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