Monday, March 29, 2010

HBR, 3 Things to Do Before You Disagree With the Strategy

No strategy is flawless and it's likely you'll disagree with some elements of your company's approach. But no one likes a strategy naysayer. Before you voice your disagreement, do these three things:
Understand the big picture. An organization's strategy is often steeped in complex political issues. Don't assume you know how or why the strategy was developed. Use your network to find out more about the process and the assumptions and inputs used.
Contextualize your concerns. Ask yourself why you object to the strategy. Are you resisting change? Do you feel you know better? Understand the true source of your concerns.
Ask others for input. Look to your peers or other trusted advisers for guidance. Explain your concerns and ask them if they share them too. Hearing what others think can give you valuable perspective.
Today's Management Tip was adapted from "When You Think the Strategy is Wrong" by Amy Gallo.

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