Thursday, March 11, 2010

HBR, Improve Customer Service with 3 Ts

Advances in technology and pressure to cut costs have changed the customer service experience. Companies now push far more function and responsibility to the consumer. Here are three ways to support and involve your customers in this new paradigm:
Be transparent. Show your customers your company's internal systems so they feel part of the experience, not separated from it. For example, consider how shipping companies now allow customers schedule pick-ups, print labels, and track packages on their own.
Convert or capitalize on tribes. There are groups of people who are going to blog, tweet, and find other ways to praise or complain about your products. Find your company's tribe and make it an ally in delivering a positive message.
Open the door to new talent. Some of your customers may be so enthusiastic about your product that they can sell it better than you. Find ways to discover who these customers are and capitalize on their talents, and passions.
Today's Management Tip was adapted from "Better Customer Service Through Transparency, Tribes, and Talent" by John Sviokla.

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