Friday, January 21, 2011

Swtiching to non Apple environment again

Around July 2010 I decide to buy a Mac Book Pro to have a experience about one OS and society named Apple that I have no contact with until that time.

Apple environment had pluses and problems.

Pluses in some user experience area like UI. It has a stunningly beautiful design, with an acceptable hardware, and ease of use just in some areas.

The biggest problems in my mind is their Dictatorship approach and have a much more closed approach even compared Microsoft!.

Other problems might just be my personal problems and I can just say I DID NOT like them.

  • I don't like the Mac keyboard at all.
  • I prefer the gnome window management that is becoming incredibly better in newer versions of gnome.
  • I prefer the life-cycle and package management of Debian much better
Now, it is time for me to go back to use my preferred environment. I hope to buy a new Thinkpad and switch to the environment that I like.

It was the same case for iPhone, I had an oath to try them both.

I have already switch to use an Android phone and it stopped my continuous nagging.

It is interesting in both cases the strategy that I use is almost the same as what I do for big refactoring changes in code. Like switching to DB from a flat file based system. If I want to do it seamlessly it takes time!

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